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About Me

People ask me what brought me to this work, the answer is simple, this kind of work helped me when nothing else did. I was coping with stress and this inner feeling that it was time for change, that  there was more out there for me, I found it difficult to break through the monkey chatter to get clear on what I needed to do. So the journey began, to find the true me and I discovered I was being the person I perceived others wanted me to be, recreating the same situations over and over and getting the same results.

I had some enlightening light bulb moments as I peeled away the layers, letting go of behaviours that no longer served me. As the clarity began to shine through, the awakening was amazing and this reflected in my relationships, my work and all aspects of my life. 

Now I am facilitating others to do the same. I have trained in the modalities that have helped me, to show others how to go beyond the stress and anxiety to get clear and make changes and to be their true authentic selves and to inspire those around them.

I have been guided to and have met the most amazing, gifted teachers. I have taken the best of what they have taught me and offer it to my clients with great results.

I am an Energy Inituitive and Spiritual teacher and Clarity Coach. I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Stress Management tharapist. I also use energy practices to release any obstacles that are preventing you from moving forward and Cutting the Ties that bind us, a powerful method which frees us from attachments and unhealthy connections to people, situations or outcomes. I use Angel Healing and Therapy, Eft, Arch Healing and Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls. I also may use Past life and ancestral healing. The combination of these tools give clients the power to take control of their lives and bring peace and harmony to their relationships. 


I coach you into clarity for whatever apect of your life you would like to change. Once we decide on a plan and begin to implement it, I will teach you tools and techniques  to keep you on track. It dosen't matter where you are in life or what you want to change, it maybe that change was imposed upon you, early retirement, end of a relationship or a breavement and you are wondering what's next?

Coaching package consists of 6 sessions which can be done conseciutively or over 12 weeks.  Cost €500.  Contact me on 0877687061 or email for more details and payment plan.

I also offer Balacing and Reset Energy sessions, bringing you back to centre, allowing peace and calm to flow through also bringing some stress and energy management tips and tools tailored for you.

3 sessions  Cost €250 Contact me 087 7687061 or email me for details. 

If you would like to sample my work and get a taste for what I do, you can book one seesion for €100.  Contact me on 087 7687061

Sometimes we find our peers and colleagues are also at a crossroads so I am also available to do group coaching at a venue of your choosing. Please contact me at 087 7687061 or email geraldine@soulpathways.ie for any questions or queries. 

Make an enquiry

Acupuncture and Health Clinic, Terryland Retail House, Terryland, Galway H91 DR12.
Tel: 087 7687061 Email: geraldine@geraldineryancoaching.com